G4 BSP Pressure Reducing Valve

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The ‘G4’ pressure reducing valve is designed for use on steam, air and gases. It will maintain a constant outlet pressure irrespective of variations in the inlet pressure or demand from the system. Initially with no compression on the adjusting screw, both the pilot and main valve seats are closed due to the action of the springs in the pilot and main valve. Fluid at the inlet pressure passes up the inlet relay port to the pilot valve seat which is opened by clockwise (viewed from above) rotation of the adjusting screw. This compresses the adjusting spring and applies load to the top side of the diaphragm, pushing open the pilot valve. Fluid now passes through the pilot valve seat, through the relay port to the top of the large diameter piston, which in turn pushes the main valve open. The pressure of the fluid is reduced as it passes through the open main valve from the inlet to the valve outlet.

Enquire with us to ensure the correct valve is selected based on your steam requirements.

Larger sizes available in Cast Iron and Cast Steel Flanged Models

Sizes: ½”, ¾”, 1″, 1¼”, 1½”, 2″

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